• CLASNA was founded in 2005, is Italy's independent fashion designer Spanioli's masterpiece, with the bold and elegant style of ready-made clothing design, in the world fashion design and consumption "barometer" of Italy's emergence.

    Founded 13 years ago, CLASNA has set up garment research and development studios in Milan and other frontier positions with Beijing as its axis and products as its leader. It has gradually absorbed the design style outside Italy, and formed a garment brand ecology which integrates design, development, production and sales.

    Unlike most garment brands for the excessive pursuit of design, CLASNA advocates "unique, novel, natural, fine" brand spirit, from material selection to garment, each step emphasizes a distinctive noble and graceful attitude to life.

    CLASNA, the main product of fur and down, chooses the whole silver fox, Blue Fox and golden island fox from Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the United States to cooperate with the fine process to ensure that each garment retains the most natural quality and elegance.

    Following the artistic rhythm of Italy for centuries, CLASNA's garment design and tailoring pursue the same unique and artistic tension. Every season's garment design keeps up with the trend of fashion, abandons the bulky and redundant design and tailoring elements, and deduces the eastern and Western culture through the collision of colors and the prominence of body outline. The fusion and collision, and the classicist spirit full of modernity.

    So far, CLASNA has opened more than 200 image experience stores in China, and has a good business performance in Eastern and Western Europe, Finland, Poland, the United States, Russia and other countries and regions.

    In the future, CLASNA will accelerate the process of brand internationalization, expand its business territory to Central European, North American countries and regions, transfer the main product strategy of fur and down to the four-season garment brand strategy, cooperate with the global garment research and development studio, realize the brand globalization, create the CLASNA world, and create the world CLASNA.

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